Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Commercial Vehicle Trainings

Theory Session

The Theory Session, lasts about two hours, starts with an introduction to the principles of defensive driving where the delegates are encouraged to debate the problems that they face on the road. We then examine the most common accident situations, what causes them and look at how they can be avoided. Maneuvering and parking is often a high claims problem that can be discussed in the classroom to identify best practice.

The In Vehicle Driver Training starts with a vehicle inspection and an eyesight check. Each delegate then has an assessment drive so that we can establish an idea of their ability. Our Instructor will then give a demonstration drive with a commentary to demonstrate just how far ahead it is possible to plan. The principles of a “Systematic” approach will be demonstrated in this drive. Delegates then take a second turn behind the wheel and receive helpful tuition and advice aimed at improving observation anticipation and planning. Specific maneuvering exercises can be built into the program.
The session ends with feedback for the delegates and a review of the day.

Driver Reports

After the course each driver will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a full written report which will highlight any areas that can be improved. If we identify any drivers who we feel would benefit from further help, their report is fast tracked and we will discreetly contact you and arrange a further 1:1 in vehicle session.

You will also receive feedback on other items such as vehicle condition, eyesight checks and any other safety related suggestions that may help.

Basic Program Overview

  • Crash stats & definitions
  • Commercial vehicle types
  • Vehicle & driver characteristics
  • Leading causes of accident
  • Maintaining Vehicle
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle Safety equipment
  • Anti-Theft Systems
  • Crash Avoidance Systems

Maintaining Self

  • Driver attitude & professionalism
  • Health issues & Dealing with stress

Loads & Cargo

  • Hazardous materials
  • Safe loading
  • Over dimensions
  • Weight restrictions

Defensive Driving Technique

  • Correcting bad driving patterns
  • Safe driving tips
  • Speed kills
  • Stopping/braking distance
  • Understanding the “No-Zone”

Legal Update

  • Driver & company Liability
  • Commercial Vehicle Traffic Laws
  • Drug issues & stats
  • Criminal charges
  • Accident obligations & responsibilities
  • Emergency procedures