Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Driving Management System

Land transportation–related incidents continue to be the highest cause of fatalities within Pakistan Industry. Despite efforts, significant performance improvements have not been achieved. Time and again, investigation of automotive-related fatalities and incidents identifies failures in compliance with the known controls of land transport activities.

The complexity of risks in land transport operations—as well as the focus and expertise required to successfully manage compliance—is such that managing land transport cannot be effectively dealt with as a part-time job and with just giving training to employees. While line managers must be responsible and accountable for compliance with standards, policies, and recommended practices, it is inevitable that multi-tasking managers will not be able to spare the required attention to ensure all journeys within their control remain compliant at all times.

PNIDD development of a Driving Management System address this concern and embarks on building a structure that would allow the organization to meet these challenges and allow the company to achieve compliance with its land transport requirements. Key components of the driving management system are:

  • Commitment Leadership, Responsibility and Accountability
  • Policies and Strategic Objectives
  • Organization and Resources
  • Contractor and Supplier Management
  • Risk Management
  • Design and Processes Planning
  • Implementation and Continuous Improvement
  • Audits and Reviews

The above system is further sub divided into 32 sub elements and it covers each and every exposure of driving risk management. Companies will see a sharp decline in their number of driving related incidents as well as compliance with their own policies and procedures.

Land Transportation Contractors can really make use of this service as this will ensure that there driving management system is accepted by their clients and can be used in the bidding process and getting an edge over competition.