Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Road Accident Investigation Services

Thousands of people get injured in road crashes in Pakistan. In order to formulate more effective preventative measures, we must first understand what the factors are that lead to vehicle crashes.

In an ideal driving environment there would be perfect drivers, vehicles, and roads. There would be no road crashes. Unfortunately, such conditions rarely exist and road crashes occur, resulting in death, personal injuries and loss through property damage.

Crash investigation is the cornerstone of any preventative program. With a proper understanding of what is occurring in road crashes, valid education programs and enforcement strategies can be invoked in a concentrated effort to reduce the number.

Because a road crash occurs over such a short time frame, it can be dangerous and wrong to solely rely upon witnesses to the event to provide the answers required. It has been proven time and again that human being does not have the ability to record all that occurs in the second before, part of a second during and the second after a crash.

PNIDD is dedicated to providing an accurate technical analysis of motor vehicle collisions, based on creditable data. The most modern techniques in accident reconstruction are utilized to document evidence and substantiate the case.

  • It can be very difficult to determine the precise cause of road traffic accidents because: Witness statements may conflict or be inaccurate
  • The parties involved may not wish to show themselves in a bad light
  • Accidents by their nature happen very quickly
  • Very often there is more than one contributory factor
  • There can be large amounts of compensation at stake
  • Witnesses can be influenced by the severity of the injuries

Proper identification, recording and interpretation of the physical evidence at the crash scene by PNIDD can assist in determining where, when, who, why and how the crash happened.

Advice can also be provided on contributing crash factors, including road geometric alignment and surface condition. Analysis includes the inspection and reporting of crashes involving pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles through to large articulated vehicles.

The accident Investigation services also include:

  • Detailed motor vehicle collision analysis reports.
  • Crash scene photography, both still and video recording.
  • Mechanical condition reports compiled by experienced and qualified personnel.
  • Tire examinations by qualified experts.

PNIDD report will also give consideration is also given to:

  • Visibility available to the driver
  • Road layout and design
  • Driver Training and Qualification
  • Journey Management
  • Stopping distances
  • Weather conditions
  • Vehicle Safety Equipment
  • Speeds of the vehicles involved
  • Vehicle stability (particularly where a vehicle has overturned)
  • The actions of those involved
  • Condition and service history of the vehicles involved, including tires
  • Poor highway/pavement design and maintenance