Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Security Driving Trainings

The increased threat from terrorism as well as growing levels of organised crime across means that more people are now either directly or indirectly exposed to a wider range of risks both at home and travelling.  This is a particular issue for the hundreds of  business executives, workers and public sector employees travelling and working in such environment.

Car-jacking, armed attacks, and road crashes are escalating problems. Enhancing your awareness and survival skills is a must! Learn the proper mind-set for early detection; carry out effective threat and risk assessment analysis, understand profiles of carjackers and who they target; how to hand over your vehicle if necessary, and develop skills to survive a hostage situation. Driving skills are practiced emphasizing vehicle control in emergency situations and attack scenarios.

Personal security before, during and after journeys is of paramount importance. By maintaining vigilance, third party awareness and attending one of the courses below, the threat of potential attacks is grealty reduced.

Some of the course we offer include:

  • Anti-Car Jacking Course
  • Vehicle-Anti Surveillance Course
  • Defensive & Evasive Driving Course
  • Secueity Driving Awareness course for company drivers