Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

4-Wheel Drive Defensive Driving Training

This course includes the following topics

  • Review 5 Seeing Habits – for off road conditions
  • Aim High in Steering
  • Get the Big Picture
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving (includes blind spots) Leave Yourself an Out
  • Make Sure They See You
  • Pre trip Inspection Correct Seating Posture Seat Belts
  • Vehicle systems
  • Drive trains
  • Engaging hubs
  • Transfer case
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Practical driving includes driving varying terrain, ascents, descents, stall out & stall recovery, tyre deflation, ramp over
  • Four Wheel Drive Recovery
  • towing straps & chains, snatch straps and air jacks
  • Off road practical driving.
  • Off road recovery – includes towing using straps or chains, recovery by jacks and snatch straps.