Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Hazard Perception Training

A convenient and effective way to manage and mitigate driver risk, Driver Training’s cornerstone feature is Hazard Perception Evaluation (HPE). The interactive assessment tool, which tests six areas of competency, identifies risks and assigns appropriate training modules aimed at correcting driver behaviour. Case studies have revealed as much as a 63% reduction in collisions as a direct result of HPE Evaluation of Drivers.

The course include the following topics

  • Crash Pattern of Learners Drivers
  • Hazard Perception Test
  • Hazard Perception Skills
  • Keeping a safe following distance
  • Keep a safe following distance to the side
  • Keeping a Safe Distance to the rear
  • Selecting Safe Gaps
  • Scanning for Hazard
  • Situations where hazard perception can be really important
  • Expecting the Unexpected
  • Safe Gaps Turning Left
  • Safe gaps – Turning right
  • Features of right turns
  • Guidelines for right turns
  • Turning right at a cross intersection
  • Turning right at traffic lights
  • Hazard Perception Practical Drive