Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Journey Management Development

PNIDD develops Journey Management plan for organizations that can ultimately eliminate driving related accidents that cause fatalities and injuries to employees, families, contractors and third parties as well as minimize damage to equipment through careful study of the management of all phases of the transportation process for a specific client.

The Journey Management will give benefits in:

  • Eliminating hazards and unnecessary exposure through active journey management
  • Reducing the residual risk through the proper selection and preparation ofpeople, equipment and routes

PNIDD Jounry Management Plan is a site-specific plan used to address specific local risks.
As a minimumPNIDD made Journey Management plan will contain and address the following areas:

  • Local risk profile
  • Local regulations
  • Local policies and procedures
  • Maps and Direction
  • Night driving
  • Convoy policy
  • Client/Contractor policies and procedures
  • Assessments of the Journey Management Compliance

PNIDD would also include Journey Management Procedures in the plan which might include:

  • Management review of trip necessary
  • Assignment of Personnel and Equipment
  • Trip Planning and Execution
  • 16 Hour Rule
  • Convoying
  • Night Driving and Low Visibility Conditions
  • Vehicle Safety Equipment
  • Mobile Telephones
  • Unauthorized Passengers
  • Any other specific procedures related to client