Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Pakistan Conditions Specific Defensive Driving Course

Driving is a complex task, with driver error contributing to over 75% of road crashes.

The Pakistan Conditions Specific Course deals with all the issues that we have on the roads of Pakistan. The course is run in multiple languages as required

Learning Outcomes

  • To establish clearly in the mind of the Pakistani drivers, the profile and causes of the accidents and crashes
  • Realization of the dangers of physical and mental distraction while operating a motor vehicle
  • Reinforcement of space management approach while driving
  • develop better and safer driver after the course which lasting ability to practice Defensive driving Skills

The outlines of the course include:

  • Principle of Safe and Defensive Driving
  • Majority types of Road Accidents in Pakistan
  • Observation, Anticipation & Hazard Identification
  • Human Vision
  • Scanning while driving and 360 degrees scan
  • Mirror check
  • Shoulder check
  • Unsafe Driving Practices
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Driving on highways
  • Driving in bad weather
  • Use of in-vehicle safety system
  • Seatbelts, head restraint and vehicle inspection
  • Health of the Driver
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Importance of Planning trips and Journey Management
  • A practical on road module where driversĀ are required to demonstrate competency in: Defensive driving tactics and the application of the theoretical components covered in Classroom module