Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

OGP (Oil & Gas Producers) Compliant Defensive Driving Course

Back Ground on OGP Defensive Driving Course

Driving related incidents are the single largest cause of fatalities in OGP member company operations. It is an E&P industry’s expectation that all companies operating land transport, or providing services involving land transportation, have in place a management system which includes land transport operations and is based on a full assessment of the risks and measures to address such risks.

All drivers must have in their possession a valid driving/operator’s licence (issued by a relevant public authority) for the class of vehicle being operated.

All employees who regularly drive on company business shall complete safe driving instruction in line with the content listed below. Additional training for high-risk environments and for specialised vehicles should also be taken.

A pre-hire screening process should be in place to select prospective drivers with driving records that reflect safe driving behaviours.

OGP Defensive Driving Course outlines

  •  Review of company policies and standards related to driving;
  • Defensive driving techniques;
  • Journey management techniques;
  • Alertness and fatigue management;
  • Effects of medication and substance abuse;
  • Vehicle restraint systems and safety equipment;
  • Pre-trip checks and proper seating position;
  • Local driving hazards (including personal security), regulations and culture;
  • Commentary driving; and
  • Assessment of driving skill and behaviour.

The need for refresher training and assessment is based on drivers’ performance and risk exposure, with a refresher at least every three years following the initial training.