Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

Smith Driving System Compliant Defensive Driving Course

Smith System Compliant Course Description

Driving is a complex task that requires drivers to deal with constantly changing variables skilfully and consistently.  Remaining collision free, year after year, has much more to do with skill than with luck.
The Smith System Compliant Seminar is an effective tool that can be used to help you achieve the fleet safety record you seek.  This program is designed to teach experienced drivers the kind of practical information that really makes a difference in traffic collision avoidance. The seminar is advanced, adult-level education built around unique approach to driver safety and is a great follow up to our on road training.

The course is covered in 1 day with 2 main sections including classroom and on-road practical

The Classroom Seminar Covers:

  • Causes of collisions
  • Using  5 Keys to improve driver skills
  • Avoiding backing collisions
  • How attitude effects driver’s actions
  • Managing common driving distractions

 On Road Practical

We don’t teach people how to drive, we teach them how to improve their driving.  Utilizing our unique on road, hands-on safety education techniques, we turn unsafe drivers into good drivers—and good drivers into better drivers.

When you spend money for a driver safety training program, you expect results. You want quality education that motivates people to make behavioral changes.  With our variety of on road training courses, we have the results oriented driver safety training and education program that’s right for you.

Smith programs are:

  • Enthusiastically accepted by students.
  • Convincing drivers to adopt safer driving habits.
  • Proven to improve bottom line results.
  • Easy and engaging.
  • Practical to use – Every mile. Every day, Every vehicle. Every situation. Every driver.
  • Supported by a wide variety of training aids, materials and E-Learning courses