Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving

National Safety Council Compliant Defensive Driving Course

NSC Compliant Course Details

The National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving program offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries and fatalities. It addresses the importance of attitude in preventing crashes, and reinforces good driving skills. Most importantly, DDC shows students the consequences of the choices they make behind the wheel, and puts defensive driving in a personal context. No other driver training program has a higher rate of success in reducing the severity and frequency of collisions for its participants than the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course. Study after study has shown that drivers who participate in the Defensive Driving Course average fewer collisions and fewer driving arrests than drivers who do not take the course. Offered locally through Pakistan National Institute of Defensive Driving (PNIDD), this course has set the standard in the industry for over 40 years, and continues to improve driver behaviours.

Course Description

The new edition of this course includes vastly revised content and training resources, making this the most compelling program for keeping drivers safe on the road. Available in both English and Urdu languages, our teaching materials are easy and enjoyable to present, and the program is customized with local training rules and regulations. Training also can be reduced from eight hours to six hours, if your specific training needs require it.

What your drivers will learn?

  • Practical knowledge and techniques to avoid traffic collisions and violations
  • Why choosing safe, responsible, and lawful driving behaviours and habits makes personal and financial sense
  • Factors one can control before driving, from emotions to vehicle maintenance
  • How to drive defensively in unpredictable conditions
  • How driver attitude and behavior can help prevent collisions and poor decision-making
  • How to prevent collisions and recognize potential hazards

1 day Course Agenda

Session 1:
It Happened to Me
Up-close personal interviews with individuals who were seriously injured due to not following DDC principles and standards.
Session 2:
Ready for the Road
Features an auto mechanics instructor who will take you through all the steps necessary to conduct a proper daily, weekly and monthly personal vehicle inspection.
Three Stages of Impact
Explanation of the three collisions that happen in any motor vehicle crash. Also includes information on safety belt usage and child safety seats.
Session 3:
Don’t Add Insult to Injury
Four separate vignettes demonstrating the classroom discussion on critical driver safety issues: drug impairment, distracted driving, sleep/fatigue and aggressive driving.
Session 4:
Drive to Survive
NSC’s DDC principles and standards for proper following distance, passing, avoiding a head-on collision and what to do if forced off the roadway.
Session 5:
Recognize the Hazard
Seven separate case studies of events that could cause death and injury in a motor vehicle crash, with explanations on how to avoid them.
Session 6:
Drive Like Your Life Depends On It
On-screen personal interviews with individuals who avoided trauma or injury by applying NSC’s DDC standards and principles.

Other variations of National Safety council Compliant Defensive Driving Courses are available as well